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What is the NICE Challenge Project?

The NICE Challenge Project develops real world cybersecurity challenges within virtualized business environments that bring students the workforce experience before the workforce. Our goal is to bring the most realistic experiences to students, at scale year round, while also generating useful assessment data about their knowledge, skills, and abilities for educators.


Recent Updates


Introducing the New Protect & Defend Environment & Challenges!

We have a ton of new developments to share with you, many of which we will be detailed a little later this month. Today we wanted to fully announce our newest environment, crafted for challenges within the Protect & Defend category of the NICE Framework. This environment has taken months of designing, planning, and engineering to create. We are proud to…read more →

Monthly Training Webinars Continue!

As the NICE Challenges has reached a stage of maturity and we are looking to expand our user base and have started a monthly set of webinars. The first of these two webinars are designed as an on boarding for new curators to help them get started with the Challenges. The second of the webinars is designed to help current curators get…read more →