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What is the NICE Challenge Project?

The NICE Challenge Project was created to develop virtual challenges and environments to test students and professionals alike on their ability to perform NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework tasks and exhibit their knowledge, skills, and abilities. Whether it’s testing skills of professionals or teaching those skills to students, we’ve got you covered.

Recent News

Content Release v1.6.7 now LIVE

With this content release, we have added 3 new challenges and 3 new complexities. This array of new content is all from the Protect & Defend category of the NCWF, which covers the more active side of blue teaming. This is also the last release where the Player-Terminal VM and it’s various interfaces will be available, as we are close to leaving beta on the Webportal interfaces designed to replace and improve upon them. During this content release window, we have added the following features to the Webportal...
  • Challenge Submissions Page for the Player
  • Curator Pod View Updated to New Player Pod View
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Content Release v1.6.6 now LIVE

We are happy to announce another small content release v1.6.6. With this content release we have added two new challenges, "Preventative Protection: Thwarting the Imminent Threat" & "Operations Gone Wrong: The Incompetent Intern". However, the real story of this release is what is coincides with on the Webportal side. Today, the Webportal is at feature parity and beyond with the Player-Terminal. The Player-Terminal officially has its days numbered from here on out. In this release the Webportal has seen the addition of the following features...
  • Challenge Deployment from the Pod Page
  • Challenge Documentation Submission from the Pod Page
  • Challenge Submission Review Added to the ...
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