The NICE Challenge Project has been developing, implementing, and testing a massive slate of updates over the past few months. However, due to the updates being largely interrelated, we have had to wait to release many of them. Now that the new year is here, and we have completed development and testing, we are ready to start releasing them! Over the course of January, many updates will be released in rapid succession. Here is a list of some big changes to look forward to…

  • Maximum Concurrent Pods (soon to be called Workspaces) Increasing Fourfold!
    • This means there will be roughly 400 Workspaces available each day for players/curators alike to attempt challenges.
  • Default Future Reservations Limit for Curators Increasing from 2 to 4!
    • Now that we have more available Workspaces per day, we can grant curators more freedom to plan ahead.
  • Challenge Deployment Workflow UI is Getting a Complete Overhaul!
    • The Workspace UI was functional, but it could definitely use a new coat of paint and a new workflow to more logically lead the player through selecting, deploying, and starting a challenge. We are SUPER excited to hear your feedback on this!
  • The Addition of Challenge Check Types!
    • Checks review many aspects of player performance and display that information in variety of ways. To make it easier for curators to read and understand challenge submission reports, we have categorized and defined a set of check types so they can more easily and quickly review challenge submissions.
Starting off the Year with a Bang!