Meet the NICE Challenge Environment: Pretty Safe Electronics

NICE Challenge Environment: Pretty Safe Electronics

This environment primarily hosts challenges mapped to and inspired by tasks and work roles from the NICE Framework's Protect & Defend category. Pretty Safe Electronics, or PSE for short, is a big box retailer that specializes in selling everyday household electronics to consumers. They have two brick-and-mortar locations and an office space where they self-host an online e-commerce website. The company has a diverse group of roughly 25 employees spanning the three locations. The NICE Challenge player will, throughout the challenges associated with this environment, interact with 10 of these characters as they provide the player with critical information and context about the challenges.

Meet the Cast

PSE's Network Map

This environment additionally includes…

  • 6 Interconnected Layer 2 Networks

  • Encrypted Site-to-site VPN Tunnels

  • Challenges that feature an Automated Attack Engine

  • Managed Sevice Provider Health Checks