Meet the NICE Challenge Environment: Zapp Public Power

NICE Challenge Environment: Zapp Public Power

This environment hosts challenges inspired by common cybersecurity issues seen in ICS/OT environments. Zapp Public Power, or Zapp for short, is a public power utility that provides power to a wide variety of different customers (e.g., critical infrastructure, healthcare providers, and average consumers). While Zapp has a large number of varied sites, facilities, and equipment, this environment pertains only to Zapp Substation 434 'Guilty Sparkz'. The NICE Challenge player will, throughout the challenges associated with this environment, interact with a diverse cast of four different Zapp employees who will provide the player with critical information and context about the challenges.

Meet the Cast

Zapp Substation 434's Network Map

This environment additionally includes...

  • Simulated Substation ICS/OT Sensors & Equipment

  • Real World ICS/OT Data Collection, Archiving, & Displaying System (i.e., openHistorian)

  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) with ICS/OT Equipment Controls & Live States

  • On-site Substation IP-Camera with Live Substation Camera Feed

  • Off-site Backup Server

  • Remote Access VPN for Off-Site Substation Access

  • Challenges that Use an Alternate Network Map with User (i.e., PlayerOne) On-site

  • Challenges that Feature an Automated Attack Engine & ICS/OT Malware

This environment and the challenges that take place in it were created in collaboration with and sponsored by the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).